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It seems that when the Holy Angels Convent was trying to save money, it sent out the nuns' faded clothing to be reconditioned. Unfortunately, when the things came back they were not of a uniform color.

The businessman who did the work denied responsibility. He righteously proclaimed that, “Everybody knows that old habits dye hard."

(Rick Sapir)

Bonus Joke:

A man opened a dry-cleaning business next door to the convent. He knocked on the convent door and asked the Mother Superior if she had any dirty habits.

Extra Bonus Joke:

Father O'Flaherty tried to enjoy himself at a baseball game, but the man sitting next to him kept bothering him with lots of questions. The priest bought a hot dog, and the vendor handed it to the talkative man. He passed it along to Father O'Flaherty, who downed it in one gulp.

This was the first time a hot dog had ever gone from the prying fan into the friar.

Extra Extra Bonus Joke:

At church recently, I stopped to study an announcement promoting the youth choir's sandwich sale. Being an English teacher, I couldn't resist the temptation to correct the last line, which read "Donations Excepted."

I crossed out the misused word and penciled in "Donations Accepted."

After the service, I glanced at the announcement again, this time noting yet another penciled-in correction. It now read "Donations Expected."

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